The procurement process can be a real headache for public authorities – especially those working in and around emergency services. Fast and easy access to life-saving equipment is vital, as well as the ability to increase stock last-minute, but this is impossible to achieve in traditional procurement processes. That’s why Aero Healthcare offers its first aid and life saving equipment through the national framework and has been doing so since a successful trial with blue light services in 2013.

By joining a national procurement framework, public authorities forego the red tape, rules and regulations that dictate procurement in UK and EU law, this is because of the framework  that has already been established between supplier and authority.

By choosing Aero Healthcare as a supplier, blue light services are provided with instant access to the market’s most advanced range of first aid consumables and life-saving defibrillators, that can be delivered through our extensive distribution network to even the most remote locations.

We offer long-term price stability and work closely with each client to select the products most applicable to their needs, providing unparalleled technical and after sales support, and forecasting tools to ensure they are never left understocked.

In our guide, you will discover:

  • How emergency services can avoid the red tape of procurement by joining the national procurement framework
  • Who we are and what makes us unique
  • How we ensure quality and how we are at the forefront of research and development
  • How we provide instant access to our products through our extensive distribution network
  • The seamless transition to the network through our on-boarding process
  • How we work alongside our clients to deliver the products that truly fit their needs.

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